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Valuedance® helps leaders realize greater value from IT investments through the development of a tightly focused and well-coordinated strategic agenda and aligned, high leverage leadership practices. Find out what clients have to say about their experiences with Valuedance® by clicking here. Valuedance® was established in 1998 to provide coaching services, conduct participative workshops, and stimulating keynotes. To find out more about Valuedance’s® services, please click here.

Valuedance® was founded by a seasoned executive with proven abilities in managing business and IT investments, organizations and relationships, and initiatives and change. By applying a unique combination of “hands on” leadership expertise, focused research, and experienced based learning practices, Valuedance® helps clients understand and apply appropriate practices – in a practical way that fits the context of their organizations. Fundamental to Valuedance’s® services are the guiding principles of focus, respect, results, practicality, and sustainability.

  • We focus exclusively on IT leadership – Valuedance® specializes in information technology leadership. It is unrealistic to expect generalist approaches to deliver the results needed in today’s challenging marketplaces
  • We demonstrate respect for the client by understanding their unique circumstances - Valuedance® understands that appropriate change depends on individual and organizational context, and that their clients are the best judges and final decision makers regarding what, how much and when
  • We build commitment through delivering results - Valuedance® understands that long-term behavior change and skill development are only attainable through development processes that deliver near term results. By identifying the developmental “sweet spot”, defined as the intersection between current job challenges/opportunities and long term goals, the Valuedance® approach builds commitment and delivers steady results
  • We are dedicated to making powerful ideas practical - Valuedance® believes that insights from cutting edge organizations and academic research should be used to help define the ends, but not the means. As such, Valuedance® specializes in identifying powerful concepts and defining and testing practical methods for making change
  • We are catalysts for sustainable change – Valuedance® has a brief amount of time to make a lasting impression. As such, we monitor client commitment by actions – not words, operate in a straightforward and direct manner, take our work, but not ourselves, seriously, and help our clients do the work, but not do the work for our clients

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