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Posted by Susan Cramm on 10:52 AM Tuesday October 06, 2015 under ,

More than 15 years ago, I attended a workshop facilitated by Daniel Pink. He was explaining how businesspeople can thrive as free agents, and he stressed the importance of getting comfortable with asking for help. At the time, I was a free agent myself, and although I was already used to seeking help occasionally, Pink’s advice gave me the confidence to make it a more regular part of doing business. To read more, click here.

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Posted by Susan on 4:41 PM Tuesday July 17, 2012 under ,

There are quite a few companies who have tried to cut their way to IT success over the past five years and are starting to regret it. 

The economic crisis and subsequent lackluster recovery has IT spending at significantly lower levels than 2008.  Companies that have delayed investments – in people and technology – are finding that they are now at a competitive disadvantage.  New competitors, without the burden of legacy IT environments bowing their backs, are leveraging low-cost, fast-cycle disruptive technologies. These fast-moving competitors are pushing industry incumbents to build new IT-enabled capabilities or risk falling farther behind.

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Posted by Susan on 7:15 AM Tuesday January 10, 2012 under ,

Smart people can make stupid decisions. Case in point: business executives who decide they can address their technology needs without involving IT, responding to the IT supply-and-demand crunch that afflicts so many enterprises today.  In my experience, nobody wins in these do-it-yourself projects.

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Posted by Susan on 8:03 PM Monday November 21, 2011 under ,

There’s a chill in the air, the chill of fear. 

Sales and profits are down. A new CEO is in town. The head of manufacturing is gone, and the supply-chain head may be the next to roll -- unless she can deliver some wins.  She has a plan: Rationalize the vendors, realign accountabilities, and roll out new technology to the field.

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Posted by Susan on 6:02 PM Tuesday May 12, 2009 under

To get funding for IT-enabled projects, it's necessary to navigate the IT demand management process to prove that you are investing wisely in IT.

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Posted by Susan on 5:50 PM Thursday November 20, 2008 under

Nowadays, there is precious little money available for developing new IT capabilities. You do the math. Prior to the credit crisis, around 75 cents of each dollar was spent to keeping existing systems up and operational. Now, overlay the reductions due to the recession and the result is that a lot of business needs are chasing very few discretionary dollars.

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Posted by Susan on 5:49 PM Monday November 10, 2008 under

Many believe that developing business cases for IT-enabled initiatives as a big waste of time.

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Posted by Susan on 5:48 PM Thursday October 30, 2008 under

Good news! Your project was approved.

Even better! Your funding was cut!

When it comes to IT project funding, less is often more.

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Posted by Susan on 5:47 PM Tuesday October 14, 2008 under

There's a big difference between having a top priority and being ready to act on it.

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Posted by Susan on 5:46 PM Monday October 06, 2008 under

A recent Wall Street Journal blog post mentioned that because of the current credit crunch, IT budgets are being slashed.


For many CFOs, it's like taking candy from a baby.

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Posted by Susan on 5:41 PM Wednesday September 10, 2008 under

If IT has a dirty little secret, it's this: no one is accountable for IT investments.

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Posted by Susan on 5:30 PM Thursday May 29, 2008 under

One of my favorite Druckerisms is, "I have no interest in someone who plays the minute waltz in 56 seconds."

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Posted by Susan on 12:00 AM Friday September 01, 2006 under

"How CIOs can engineer a 'tipping point' to speed up adoption of value management practices and prove—once and for all—that IT matters"

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