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Valuedance® uses its IT Credibility Cycle framework (introduced in 2001 and refined over the years) to help in diagnosing and planning IT leadership development opportunities. Credibility is the cornerstone of effective IT leadership and through successive improvements – IT can be applied to result in increasing levels of strategic and transformative impact. Throughout the course of each day, leaders must organize to strategize; strategize to deliver; deliver to realize value, and realize value to build credibility. At its core, the IT Credibility Cycle requires leaders who aspire and strive to develop their leadership skills and expand their leadership impact by enabling the capabilities of others.

Credible delivery:

  • Builds business capabilities
  • Fosters the confidence and willingness to explore new, exciting IT-enabled opportunities
  • Creates “IT-smart” enterprises that are able to reshape their business and operating model through IT-enabled innovation

Valuedance® leadership development jumpstarts the IT Credibility Cycle using three developmental venues: coaching, workshops, and keynotes.

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