Credibility is enhanced through successful project and operational delivery.

Project delivery is an art, not a science. Research indicates that only about half of all IT-enabled projects are delivered on time, on budget, and on spec. In general, projects that fail have overly aggressive, unclear, and changing aspirations, lengthy timelines, and weak sponsorship and management. Valuedance® project post-audits and interventions reveal that leaders can increase the odds of success through value accountability, well defined success measures, time boxing/iterative development, and streamlined project governance.

Businesses are dependent on technology and it is essential to manage technology related costs and risks. Ongoing operational costs constitute, on average, 71% of total spending on IT and technology-related system degradations and downtime are estimated to extract up to 3.6% of revenue. Leaders can increase service levels and lower costs and risks by focusing customization on necessary differences (those that impact functionality, integration, service levels, and returns) while promoting standardization, reuse, process streamlining and automation, service and cost forecasting and management, and strategic sourcing.

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