IT-smart organizations, and the leaders within, understand that IT is an asset to be managed, not simply an organizational structure. As such, they hold IT and business leaders jointly accountable for the management of the asset and redefine the IT-business partnership according to the following leadership principles:

Business leaders enable IT leaders by... IT leaders enable business leaders by...
Being accountable for enterprise interests Establishing governance for decision making
Treating IT as partner, not service provider Creating business & service oriented IT organizations
Developing IT-enabled business strategy Facilitating IT-enabled business strategy & architecture
Committing to & measuring value Translating value into success measures
Using money and time as input, not output Using fast-cycle, value driven delivery
Focusing customization on necessary differences Driving down year-over-year KTLO expenses
Mastering systems, hiring IT-smarts, experimenting Supporting experimentation

For companies interested in benchmarking their IT-smarts, the Valuedance® “How IT-Smart Is Your Organization?” survey provides a unique, 360-degree, view on IT value, IT management practices, and IT-business collaboration.

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