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Valuedance® workshops help leaders grasp the fundamentals of effective IT leadership. The Valuedance® workshops serve as powerful catalysts for development by ensuring that the participants are motivated and consistently challenged and engaged. The workshops are based on the Valuedance® IT leadership development curriculum and customized to achieve the client’s learning objectives.

Valuedance® launched the “Adventures in Technology Leadership” series in 2010, based on the books, “8 Things We Hate About IT” and “Adventures of an IT Leader.” The program can be delivered in 10-20 sessions over a 3-12 month timeframe, depending on the learning objectives and background of the audience.

To address the needs of clients with tight budgets, deadlines, and geographically dispersed teams, Valuedance® offers distance learning options that have proven highly effective.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of sponsoring or participating in workshops facilitated by Susan Cramm, one of the top IT leadership development experts, we encourage you to fill out the short questionnaire below.

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